• Security for Industrials Area
    Constantly monitored and integrated security is essential for industrial automation.
  • Residency Security
    We are committed to ensuring full security of all information provided through and transactions conducted
  • Guard for ATM
    The company has the capability to design and develop and deliver security solutions ranging from manned guards to sites.
  • Guard Contraction site
    Our highly trained officers can be armed security guards, unarmed security guards,round the clock.
  • Personal Body Guard
    Our organization selects physically fit, young and experiences body guard for your protection.
  • Safari Commando
    A service safari is an experiential field trip for teams to understand how services feel from the outside.
  • Gunman
    We provide Gunman security with licensed weapons.
  • Corporate Security
    We provide superior, customized security programs to meet virtually any individual security need.
  • Patrolling Staff
    Our patrol staff are highly trained senior security staff members with the ability to ensure all situations are handled well.
  • Hospital Security
    Our staff ensures the safety and security of patients, visitors and personnel in an open-door environment.
  • Event Security
    Event security services designed to handle any size public or private event from school auditoriums to professional stadiums and arenas.